Biden KILLS Trump Order Expanding Access To Opioid Abuse Treatment

Immediately after his inauguration, Joe Biden abolished President Trump’s order expanding access to opioid abuse treatment.

First insulin and EpiPen's, and now this. Are they sacrificing the lives of opiate addicts just to spite Trump?

Freedom Wire:

On Thursday, press reports began circulating indicating Biden intends to take presidential action to rescind Trump’s previous order expanding access to a medication called Buprenorphine used to treat Opioid addiction.

According to anonymous sources reported by the Washington Post, Biden’s impending move will reinstate the rule requiring practitioners to obtain the “X-waiver” before prescribing Buprenorphine.

The X-waiver is described by Addiction Center as “a federal license that permits clinicians to prescribe buprenorphine for Opioid addiction treatment.”

Advocates for rescinding the rule say the X-waiver ensures medical experts receive the proper training on prescribing the medication as it can be dangerous if it is over-prescribed. The opposing side says removing the X-waiver will help people get the treatment they need faster. More

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