13-Year-Old In Serious Condition ➡ Multiple Skull Fractures After Being Savagely Attacked By A Muslim With A Hammer!

RAFID JIHAD, 28, was arrested shortly after and charged with attempted murder. Windsor Police Constable Matt D’Asti said the boy was transferred to a London hospital with multiple skull fractures. “He’s stable and he’s going to have surgery in London,” said Staff Sgt. Jeff Mailloux.

Windsor Star (h/t Richard S) D’Asti said witnesses told police the victim was walking past the house when the attack occurred. A neighbour, whose adult son witnessed the attack, said there was no reason for it. “He’s a very quiet boy. I feel bad, the poor kid,” she said of the victim. She and a male neighbour who spoke to The Star did not want to be identified because they are concerned about their safety. More

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