Berlin Germany's Kreuzberg District Bans All Christmas Displays On Public & Private Property ~> Offensive To Muslims

Chancellor Merkel, please do something about this. How many German children are being punished in the name of "political correctness?"

Don’t expect to see Christmas lights, Christmas trees, or other Christmas decorations in one part of Berlin, Germany, even on private property, after officials in the Kreuzberg district banned the display of anything that celebrates the Christian holiday – because Muslims might be offended.

WND (h/t AtomicSpud) “Why should religious festivals be celebrated in public?” asked Social Democratic Party Councilor Martin Becker, according to the German news site The censorship was supported by the left-wing councilman as a response to demands by Muslims in the district that they be allowed to celebrate the end of Ramadan in the streets. Due to a fear of noise complaints, council officials decided that the best solution was to ban all religious festivals from being publicly celebrated in the district. 


  1. Yeah.... That's not going to last.

  2. And the creeping Sharia continues its march across Europe, similar to that of the times of Hitler. When are people going to wake up and stop capitulating to these terrorists?!?!?!?!