Father Of Slain Navy Seal Micheal Strange ~> Obama Had My Son Killed ~> Stunning Full Interview

If it was any other past POTUS, we'd never believe it possible. However, Obama is a Brotherhood member. Hey Congress, interview this man. Then do your damn job.


  1. Not the first murder done by Obama the shit!

  2. It is time for all Americans that love their country to become dangerous to criminal activity in politics and on the street. We are in the midst of a takeover by evil forces trying to destroy freedom. We are at war with islam, no matter what politicians say and islam is determined to destroy every one of us, down to the last person. We must prosecute politicians that violate their oath of office and deport all islamics knowing that if they do not reject islam then they owe their allegiance to that murder cult. The criminal element is coming to rule the USA and has done so with the help of the Democrat Party and political correctness that is anything but correct!