Teacher Admits She ‘Prayed Out Loud’ During Violent Tornado: ‘I Did the Teacher Thing that We’re Probably Not Supposed to Do’ ~> Video

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On Tuesday, we told you about Rhonda Crosswhite, a brave, sixth-grade teacher at Plaza Tower Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma. While she has spoken openly with media about her experience comforting students during the tornado, one of her admissions is particularly interesting.
“I did the teacher thing that we’re probably not supposed to do. I prayed — and I prayed out loud,” she said in an interview with NBC News following the violent storm.
Considering her situation at the time of the invocation, it’s understandable why Crosswhite risked facing criticism and potential claims that she violated the separation of church and state. Her life — and the lives of the children she was protecting — hung in the balance. More

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