Jaw-Dropping Video ~> Bill Maher Destroys Liberal Guest ~> Islam Only Religion That Directs and Advocates Killing

Way to go Bill, Thank You for being Honest ...!!!


  1. Levin...does not seem to have his facts.....Way to go Bill!

  2. Is this really Bill Maher? REALLY? I guess I can pluck a small mote of hope from this. Small, but there it is!

  3. Proof that even a completely shattered and broken clock is right twice a day.

  4. Pam Geller has been telling the truth as far back as I have known. She alerted us to CAIR and what was under the surface with them. About the Mosques that are backed by the Muslim Brohood. Telling the truth is NOT Islamophobia. I am blown away by Bill (first time EVER) and I hope he starts looking more at who he is upholding in the White House. Thanks for the Video.

  5. Islam was a bigger problem in the middle ages than christians... just not as widely reported. 14th century plague began in Damascus. A battle between two warring islamic factions. Check out battles of Portiers and Vienna 1526.

  6. Neill AugustineMay 5, 2013 at 4:59 AM

    Can we next expect him to apologize for all of the misogynistic, hateful and hurtful things he has spewed out or implied about every Christian woman alive on this planet?

  7. Who is this Bill Maher, he is not the one I have seen in the past. Has he had his rose color glasses removed.

  8. wow Bill ~ glad to see this side of you and I am a truth lover too!!!!

  9. I can't believe it...is this really Bill Maher? you actually did keep it real & here's my point of view...To say not all Mo's are not radical is a stupid argument to me...I'm not a church goer but let me tell you something if I knew what they knew... which is that the ultimate goal is kill all infidels, all opposing views, etc. & if there was just 1 person that was putting that into action, do you think for one minute I'd want to be associated with it?? hell to the No! .. You never hear any outrage coming from them when these horrible atrocities happen, not a peep!! there's only 2 reasons for that, #1 they're ok with it & quietly enjoying it...or #2 they are in fear speaking out which mean they're enslaved, personally I think its #1....both reasons should tell you it sucks to be you & your silence speaks volumes...whose more evil? the evil doers or the ones who don't speak out against it?? close call.

  10. ISLAM

    will save you some homework. But if you disagree, be my guest and hit the books
    yourself. Islam is a phony religion. If you look up the names of ancient God’s
    of the Middle East, you will find RA, Karnack, Isis, Baal and yes Allah (the
    Moon God) among other god’s and deities.

    the rituals and symbols of Islam are copied from the Moon God religion. The
    Crescent Moon, The Crescent Moon with an off set star both come from the Moon
    God religion. The stars in the heavens are Allah’s daughters. You find this,
    when you see the ceiling of many mosques. The Crescent Moon symbols are on top
    of mosques and on the flag of Turkey and Pakistan. Now the off set star, most likely the planet Venus, with
    the Crescent Moon is the symbol of the son of the Moon God. Bowing to the East
    was the way a member of the Moon God religion, paid their respects to the wife
    of the moon God as she rises in the morning. (The Sun God)

    The main worship site was Mecca and you were expected, as a Moon God Worshiper, to
    make one pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your lifetime. The highest religious
    times were between the Crescent phases of the moon. In Islam that is called Ramadan.

    in Mecca you were expected to walk several times around this
    plaza with a large square stone structure in the middle and with a sheet
    covering it. Then someone saw and found a meteor that fell to the ground and
    brought it to Mecca. It must be a gift from the Moon God. So you, as a
    worshiper, you were then and now expected to kiss this stone that came from the
    heavens. In the old days you ended by throwing a rock at the evil Jinn, the
    evil Jinn was a trickster demon. That is where we get the word Genie from. In
    Islam they changed that to the Devil. But the ritual stays the same.

    Did Muhammad know all this? Yes, in fact his
    father and grand father had the name Allah in their very long names. He was
    brought up in this area and Allah was worshiped in that area of the world for
    700 years. So Muhammad co-opted an existing religion for his own purposes. Once
    he had some followers, if you disagreed with his religion, you got your head
    cut off. So the Saudi Arabian flag has sword on it, with the proclamation that
    there is no God but Allah.

    So Muhammad became a self serving, narcissist
    and pedophile. Why pedophile you may ask? His 4th wife, Aisha, was 6 years old
    when he married her. I must have been hard finding a virgin back in the day.
    But it is said that he did not have relations with her until she reached the
    age of 9 years old. During one of his military conquests he captured two towns
    and kept two Jewish women as sex slaves.

    Today in Saudi Arabia they changed the marriageable age, for girls, from 9 to 10 years old. Iran is also allowing girls as young as 10 years old, to
    be married.