Biden ~> No Ordinary American Cares About Their Constitutional Rights ~> Video

The latest moronic statement from Joe Biden !!! ~> HT ~> TWCFJ


  1. I can't hear it very well?

  2. I do not undestand how this moron could be the VP of this country.

  3. That's by design. If you actually take the time to listen and do so carefully, you will notice he didn't actually say anything close to the quote attributed above. Just made up BS.

  4. God in heaven, WHAT is wrong with this man?? He says your 2nd amendment rights won't be affected WHILE simultaneously working to restrict that VERY RIGHT!!

  5. Are people even watching the video? He didn't say anything close to the quote.

  6. Joe said it ones constitutional rigths are going to be taken away....and no one needs a AK 47 or AR 15 to hunt with...Need a gun for defense? Get as he said ... a double barrel shot can hit a much bigger target with only one shot then 30 rounds fired from one AR15 which misses more than 85% of the shells fired. So wake up people how many people need to die from the human hunting guns?

    An Sarah Palin in 2016???? tis to laugh at that one.

  7. The 2nd amendment is not about hunting or sport it is about the right of the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. Please people read the Constitution or go watch some Nazi Germany videos and educate yourselves. Right now half of America looks like the Germans with their right hands held up in salute to their fuhrer.

  8. YOUR mug shot TELLS ME everything I need to know. You are duped my dear one! We have all error'ed & electec a MONSTER from Chicago, sweety one.

  9. Oh no!!!!! lol.... yer a guy LQQKING like a woman. oh brother.

  10. This Ranger does not give a damn about any communist backed liberal. I
    am going to go out on a limb....I came back home from 3 combat tours to
    see the very thing I defended.....The Constitution treated like garbage
    by this Ayers backed Chicago Marxist Thug...and all his Obamanation Goon
    Squads make a mockery of our Great Country putting his face on the
    American Flag. Makes me want to hurl.....This is not the Country I
    fought for. So I am going to make damn sure each and every one of those
    Marxist thugs is exposed and they get what is due them....Removed from
    office and deported for Treason. What the hell are we doing about ACORN?
    We are doing nothing.....But the temperature gauge is rising amoung
    many of us Veterans....If it is a damn Revolution they want then that is
    what they are going to get....I do not wish that to happen but I fear
    It will happen....Right now a million man armed marched is being talked
    about in circles mostly made up of true American Patriots..that sounds
    very dangerous to me.If our Government does not pull its head out of its
    4th point of contact very soon....there little media bubble world is
    going to pop. We will not bow down to Agenda 21 or this New World Order
    either. We are not blind or asleep....we are awakening to the
    Corruption. We see the lies...and accept no excuses for the suffering
    put on the American People. WE WILL BE FREE and SOVEREIGN from the
    Tyranny of the Council of Foreign Affairs....and the Federal Reserve
    which is a private entity not of the Government...Our money is backed on
    the debt standard now....not the gold standard....It is time to
    seriously tear down the walls of deception bring back truth even if it
    hurts...and live by the virtues that created this Great Nation whose
    authority comes not from heathens but from GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF...he is
    the ultimately authority....I am only a servant of his who tries to do
    the best he can. I do not care about nothing but restoring this NATION
    ...not change it.......RESTORE IT.....My Children will not be lapdogs to
    to Tyranny...or slaves to debt....they will be free from it.....IT is
    the OATH I Took ....It is the OATH I will keep.....Unlike these people
    sitting in power now. ....My duty is to protect the sacred lives of ALL
    Americans...I will do it. Right now we are divided ....but we can unite
    together against all those that oppose the Constitution and wish to
    enslave us and control us....telling us we cant have our BIG GULPS or
    Guns...How stupid are they really anyway...they are like spoiled rotten
    kids that do nothing but complain and whine ...becoming so greedy that
    they loose there natural born mind...That is not a good example to set
    for our breeds a nation of contempt and distrust....You
    wonder why Detroit is a Ghost town...and Chicago has more deaths then
    our men......and women overseas...its because of these Marxist
    leeches....I am so sorry this Vet is angry....because my son is picking
    up where I left Afghanistan...i want him to come home to a land
    that is free of is the best gift...we can give our
    SOLDIERS..our people.....FREEDOM....

  11. Look how fast he contradicts himself, now I see why ODictator wanted him for VP he is too stupid to notice when he is being played and used. STAND UP AND FIGHT AMERICA for Our CONSITUTION and Our RIGHTS

  12. Remember, Mr. Biden was instrumental in creating the patriot act if I'm not mistaken. He may appear harmless, but he has actually done quite a lot to destroy this nation. Appearances can be deceiving.

  13. It's a lie Joe Binen never said this.

  14. Umm.. Are we listening to the same video? I can't stand Biden but I didn't hear him say what is stated above..