Matthews on Clinton's Train Wreck Benghazi Hearing ~> ‘Hillary, Hillary, Hillary ~> She never looked better’

Matthews thought so much of Clinton’s performance he said it sets her up for a 2016 run for the presidency.

“Hillary, Hillary, Hillary — she never looked better,” Matthews continued. “Venturing forth in unprotected waters today, she showed how not to be defensive, how not to sweat [and] also how to exhibit humanity and yes, compassion. Even when the witnesses are looking desperately — those people around her — to target her weaknesses. Again, it was a magnificent display of smarts, I think, guts definitely and caring. She looked every bit like a person who could run for president, run well, win big and serve confidently. What a day it’s been for the progressive side of American politics. What a great week it’s been and it’s only Wednesday.”

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