MSNBC’s Toure ~> Gun Owners Should Be Treated Like Sex Offenders ~> Video


  1. First, his data is wrong. Second, he proceeds from an arrogant point of view that all policy has to be made to accommodate HIS COMMUNITY. If he wants his borough or his state to ban guns... well good for them... I suppose. But he can't possibly expect the rest of the US to live as he wants us to... it is not for him to decide how I live. I choose. I don't want to live in his world.

  2. I have had your blog as a featured blog at Conservative Blogs Central for a little while. I have taken it upon myself to promote great conservative blogger, and I think you are one of the best.

    I hope I can send you a few extra readers.


  3. What this idiot doesn't understand is that outlawing firearms won't get rid of them! It just passes another law against freedom.