VIDEO: WTH ??? Obama Makes a "Crass" Joke !!! Michelle Doesn’t Go All the Way Down ~ Barack Obama


Pool reporter ( reporting about Obama’s appearance and introduction of Ellen, at an LBGTQFFW Fundraiser) Todd Gilman of the Dallas Morning News writes:

He warmed up with some jokes about the first lady’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.“Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well,” he said, after saying that she’s taken some criticism on her technique “because she doesn’t go all the way down” – a line that he let hang, naughtily, provoking laughter from the crowd.

White House officials didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry about whether the line was correctly interpreted.

Here’s a fuller transcript from the White House:

I want to thank my wonderful friend who accepts a little bit of teasing about Michelle beating her in pushups — (laughter) — but I think she claims Michelle didn’t go all the way down. (Laughter.) That’s what I heard. I just want to set the record straight — Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well. (Laughter.) So she shouldn’t feel bad. She’s an extraordinary talent and she’s just a dear, dear friend — Ellen DeGeneres. Give Ellen a big round of applause.

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