Obama's Caliphate: Egypt vs. Iran

I hate to be the "Kill-Joy" but can someone explain the following to me? Egypt and Mubarak have been Israel's and America's ally for 30 years. Iran is a sworn enemy of Israel and America, so why did Obama leave the children of Iran to die in the streets? Obama stated during the demonstrations in Iran, "It's not our place to meddle in the affairs of a foreign government." I could argue the pros and cons of this position, but that's not what this article is about.

The Iranian protests in 2009 spearheaded by Iran's youth were designed to topple arguably the most psychotic regime on planet earth. Like Egypt, hundreds of thousands hit the streets; all pleading for freedom and democracy. Their cries were the same as the protesters in Egypt, yet only one was responded to by Barack Obama. This leads to a serious question, why did Obama see the Egyptian protesters as worthy of his backing and not the protesters in Iran?

To reveal this answer we must first look to his administration's representatives. On Egypt Clinton, Gibbs, Biden, Clapper and Napolitano all disgraced Mubarak publicly and praised the youth for their fight for freedom. Strange thing though, a year prior all urged caution and respect for the sovereignty of Iran. Nobody in the administration expressed any support for the protesters in Iran. Why, was it the boots they were wearing or their color of choice green?

Obama also urged caution, he advocated respect for the sovereignty of Iran. He insisted to America, we must  accept Iran's right to self-determination. Never did he tell the Iranian leaders, "Stand Down." I suppose one could draw the conclusion that Obama is scared of Iran, that he fears those dreaded mullahs. Then there's the flip side, does Obama simply like the mullah's of Iran more than Egypt's Mubarak? Does he think Egyptian people are more deserving of freedom than Iranian people? Worse yet, does he want to leave Islamic/Sharia states alone; and flip non Islamic/Sharia states into the fold?

Sounds crazy right? I agree this does sound nuts, but then again when the "Director of National Intelligence" testifies under oath to Congress that "The Muslim Brotherhood is a Secular Group;" what is crazy? Does anyone reading this really believe the Brotherhood is a secular group? For those who answer "I'm not sure," is the last 80 years of history a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?" Are all historical records a lie? Are the leaders in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, England, Europe and Australia all lying? Why will Barack Obama not condemn the Brotherhood? Super Bowl Sunday Obama had an audience of a 100 million plus when Bill O'Reilly asked him about the Brotherhood, his answer, no answer; he refused to comment. 

Obama told America in 2009 "We must be sensitive to the Iranian regime." Okay, so Barack why weren't we sensitive to our ally of 30 years Mubarak? Do you not think Mubarak in 30 years did more for Israel and America than Iran? Mubarak defended America and Israel, Iran has vowed to destroy both; "Wipe both of us from the face of the earth." 

Caliphate is a term known primarily in the Muslim world, like sharia law; the west is ignorant of them or dismisses them as madness. Just because they're not in our daily lives such as pizza or baseball, does not mean they don't exist. The concept of a global Islamic state under sharia law{caliphate} is the stated goal of Islam. Not just radical Islam, but all of Islam. The prophet Muhammad and his words in the Koran demand it. The west dismisses this as insanity. The left indicts any who raise these issues as "Idiots" or worse.The west also dismisses Iran's 12th Imam, careful though; they're deadly serious about it.  Remember when Bin-Laden declared war on America in 1998, any doubt he meant it?  Barack Obama refuses to discuss these topics, yet he sends his appointed personnel to tell America; "The Egyptian protests consist of valor, while the Iranian protests consisted of mobs, just like the Tea Party."

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