Obama refuses to salute, "Medal of Honor" Recipient.

Obama will bow to Saudi Kings but won’t salute an extraordinary American hero. Incredible! You and I never get over being shocked at this President’s lack of respect for our Military – so just remember back to the first night…the inaugural night, when Obama and his wife skipped the “Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball,” the first and only president to miss the event since the Ball’s inception in 1953.


  1. The right wingers just called this Medal of Honor winner a FEMINIZED winner and less than a hero as these Christians want the winners of such honors to be killers as opposed to savers. Jesus wasa killer as I recall as opposed to a saver of course!! NOW you are complaining Obama didn't go to the winner ball for the medal winners? Which is it?

    Well the American Legion said it was no big deal as Biden went and the logistics of going to this even was admittedly difficult. So this story is a typical bunch of right-wing untrue propaganda crap.
    Although President Obama was a no show, a World Net Daily January 24, 2009 article reported that the American Legion's media relations manager, Craig Roberts, said that Vice President Biden did make an appearance and was warmly received. Roberts went on to say, "The new President's absence was understandable considering the unprecedented logistical challenges presented by the vastly increased number of visitors to this inauguration and the necessary attendant security measures. The American Legion, as an organization, does not feel offended or 'snubbed.'"


  2. Two things...

    1. That guy above in the comments is a douche -- and may be retarded.

    2. I'm no Obama fan... I voted for Bush 4 times (2x in Texas) and McCain and I can't wait for 2012 to send his ass back to Illinois BUT... out of all the reasons to detest this President's tenure in office -- that is pretty thin gruel. Sure he should have saluted, but a hug is pretty good even if a bit stiff. Sure he doesn't respect the military, but we should focus on those areas where it's obvious and pick nits.

  3. Wow...You right winger really are hateful nuts...Facts have no place in your retoric, do they?

  4. EVERYONE in the military, from private to commander in chief, is expected to salute a Medal of Honor recipient. EVERYONE knows that - well, everyone except Obama and his staffers - none of whom probably ever served int he military.

    The hug was incredibly awkward. Clearly he did not know what to do; clearly no one told him beforehand what to do. More than a few people dropped the ball on this one.

    I don't fault Obama for his ignorance (I can find more than enough other ares to find fault), but his staff clearly erred.

    It was also innappropriate to mention World War II hero Audi Murphy. The ceremony belonged to Sergeant Giunta alone. Mentioning Murphy served no purpose, but it watered down the tribute to Giunta.

  5. What nonsense.

    Actually, it’s not unprecedented at all.

    As we know, the Medal of Honor has not been awarded to a living recipient since the Vietnam war.

    Well guess what, Presidents Johnson and Nixon weren’t in the habit of saluting MOH recipients either.

    Don’t take my word for it, scroll through some of the old videos here:


  6. This website, like so many others like it and all the email campaigns thrive on lies and 1/2 truths. Yes - President Obama did not salute our Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, a possible reason could be as FoxNews reported in 1981 it was probably because Obama was not "one in uniform" HE IS A CIVILIAN!!This is a direct quote from FoxNews obtained at this web address: (http://www.military-money-matters.com/presidential-salute.html

    "According to FoxNews.com, President Ronald Reagan began the practice of saluting members of our armed forces in 1981. Such salutes are generally not rendered by one not in uniform, even active duty service members."

    Also this regulation may shed some light on constant campaigns that focus on absolutely nothing! This website and others like it point fingers and say "get him out of office", BUT HAVE YOU OFFERED REAL SOLUTIONS INSTEAD OF JUST PROBLEMS?!! (THE TIME FOR "I TOLD YOU SO IS OVER!!" NOW ACT LIKE ADULTS AND GET YOUR BUTS IN GEAR. START TO COMPROMISE AND FIND A WAY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE TO FIX OUR COUNTRY.) We are way beyond whose fault it is NOW WHAT ARE *WE* GOING TO DO TOGETHER TO SAVE OUR KIDS FUTURE?!!

    Just another fact so you can stop focusing on the minutia that clouds the real problems This is a direct quote from retired arms services manual (or something to that effect):

    AR 600-25.:

    - Civilian personnel, to include civilian guards, are not required to render the hand salute to military personnel or other civilian personnel.

    Please stop focusing on the stuff that makes no difference, President Obama honored the Medal of Honor Recipient with a hug, HE DID HONOR HIM!!! PLEASE STOP FOCUSING ON NONSENSE RHETORIC AND TAKING THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT! If your idea of caring for this country is plastering half-truths all over the web. You really don't care about this country. *Instead you would vote for your candidate in 2012 but until then you would learn to work together and make the changes to the economy, social security, health care, unemployment,, the housing market etc, etc....

    The time for pointing fingers is over and now is the time to put your pride in your pocket and spend the next 2 years working as a team to get this great country back on its feet before we lose everything. Then none of the media grabbing and attention seeking antics will mean zero. *****If we do not put our differences aside we will all be in danger from becoming part of North Korea or worse!!

  7. First of all, as a Vietnam Veteran I would have nothing to do with the American Legion or the VFW. You did not want us in the late 60's or early 70's. The present administration has no idea of military protocol or respect for the military. May Obama see his first term as his last, the ass.

  8. drn1023
    go fuck yourself assole

  9. That's just it, we aren't the ones that don't want to see facts. You left wing liberals are so bad and hatefull towards the truth that you cringe and scream when anyone mentions anything about the truth. You left wingers better get used to it, the truth will prevail, weither you like it or not.


  11. This article it demonstrating that like most military honors Obama CHOOSES to not render the courtesy. Its irrelevant who else did it or not. The point is this dumb shit in particular doesn't choose to. The fact that others haven't is completely irrelevant. "But mom, Suzy stays out late too." SO WHAT! You should do whats right, who cares what Suzy does. (I know, a childhood lesson thats lost on libs again.)

    ":8. Although not required by law or military regulation, service members are encouraged to salute Medal of Honor recipients as a gesture of respect and courtesy regardless of rank or status and, if the recipients are wearing the medal, whether or not they are in uniform. This is the only instance where a Soldier will receive a salute from members of a higher rank."


    So all you whining libtards should stfu. You are both scumbags for defending this PoS and for your own ignorance.

  12. Tell your President to stop spending your Children's future away. We have tried for four years to send that message. Tell him to stop trying to turn this Nation into a Socialist State. Tell him he is not a king and to stop wasting your tax money on his parties and his never ending campaigning trips. Tell him to act like an adult and tighten his own belt if he is going to enforce his sequester on the tax payers that pay his salary. He works for us we do not work for him. No I will not compromise on my 2nd amendment rights because Obama did not give me those rights, he nor the Senate has the authority to take it away that right. It is a right, not a Government granted law. No I do not want to compromise on Illegal immigrants being treated as if they did not break our laws. You compromise and stop helping to push a Marxist agenda on your fellow citizens.

  13. I rebuke your lie that Jesus was a killer, i rebuke you in the Mighty name of Christ Jesus.

  14. He is the civilian COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES. He is an arrogant POS who is so full of himself that he can't even show due respect for American heroes. He and all LIBS hold the military in contempt and only pretend to honor them when it will get them votes or a photo-op. If you Lbtards weren't so infatuated with your black Jesus you would put aside politics and realize this man and any CMH recipient deserves to be saluted. You're nothing but a bunch of commie douchebags.

  15. I suppose his trip acroos the country for a fund raiser the day after Benghazi was ''right-wing untrue propagnda.'' Get your head out of your ass.