Tears and Prayers, for the 9-11 Families

I ask all who read this, please give serious thought, to what you're about to read.

Tuesday September 11th, 2001. What do you think of, hear, or visualize; when that date is spoken? We all have our own memories. Day or night matters not, my memories come disguised; wearing nightmares that never fade or end. In a strange way, I think all of us were on those planes and in those buildings; that dreadful day. The only difference, we lived through it.

I've imagined witnessing the attacks of that horrific Tuesday, but with my mother; working on the 87th floor of the "South Tower." My wife 79 floors up, in the "North Tower." My son or daughter, responding as a policeman or fireman. My brother or sister, on one of the doomed planes. My dad as, the American Airlines pilot; of flight 77. I ask all of you, to do the same. Impossible to comprehend isn't it? Unless you're a family member, or friend. For them, they had no choice.

The enemy tortured all, on those condemned planes; that morning. They forced some of their victims to call home, tell their loved ones; "Allah is great, goodbye and I love you." For those who received these merciless calls, I've prayed and cried for you; near nine years and counting. I have no clue, how you've endured, that evil and sadistically inflicted; pain and grief.

I remember the initial hours after the Towers fell, the Pentagon burning, and the smoke rising above; an empty field outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The panicked faces, voices, and tears; of those looking for their loved ones. The "Have You Seen My..." posters, everywhere a camera turned. I had no kin or friends, murdered or maimed; that day. Still, tears like a raging river; rushed from my eyes. I had no control over it, then or now; as I write this.

As day gave way to darkness, that Tuesday night. There was an interview; that will haunt me to my grave. A 14 year old girl, New York City resident; had come to Ground Zero. She stated in between the tears, "My Mom and Dad both work in the North Tower. Have you seen them?" The look in her eyes, it's a look; I never want to see again. She went on,"I left my 5 year old brother, with a neighbor; so I could come here and find them." She asked again, "Where are they?" The lady reporter at this point, lost it on air; she started crying uncontrollably. The reporter responded, "I don't know." The young girl then fell apart, she started screaming; "They can't be, no, they can't be dead. Please tell me their alive, my brother and I, we have no other family. What am I suppose to do?" The reporter stopped being a reporter, she broke down again. Grabbing the girl and hugging her, you could hear her say; "God, what are we suppose to do, now." The shot ended, transitioned back to the local news desk; where the anchors were crying. I was in tears, the people with me; were in tears. We prayed right there for that girl and her brother, still do today. To this second I wonder, what happened to her; and her baby brother.

From that first night on, I remember seeing President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush; openly weeping on camera. Rudy was doing the same. There was some strange comfort, in seeing them cry. It told me, they were in pain. Therefore, they knew the pain; America was suffering through. As the 12th became the 13th and 14th, the funerals started. Every hour, somewhere; a service was being held. I watched family after family, saying goodbye; to their loved ones. In many cases, the caskets were empty.

As the years have passed, it's the families of the victims; who've suffered the most. For nearly nine years now, all they have left are pictures, letters, perhaps a homemade movie or video; of a loved one lost. Nine Christmas seasons, counting this year; without a mom or dad, brother or sister, husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, aunt or uncle, grandma or grandpa. These families, you always knew. They were never gonna heal fully, just somehow manage to cope; and in some fashion move forwards. They suffered losses in a fashion, the rest of us, myself included; cannot even fathom. President Bush swore an oath to these families. America would always be there for them. We'd never allow them to suffer, the way they had; ever again. President Bush meant it, when he gave America's word; on this.

President Bush was replaced in 2008, with America's first ever; Muslim President. A fact that was intentionally concealed, during the 2008 campaign; by the so-called "Main-Stream Media." Why did they conceal it? They knew, Obama would never be elected; were it common knowledge. An actual decision was made and plan implemented. The media were no longer journalists, they'd become propagandists. The concealed Muslim, Obama; since taking office has done the following:
1. Endorsed giving citizenship to KSM and 4 fellow 9-11 planners. There-by trying them as common American criminals. Protected by America's system of judicial rights, guaranteed to all citizens. Funny thing though, they'd already confessed; in Military Tribunals at Gitmo. Obama and Holder tossed the confessions out, and erased the guilty verdicts. Why, in the name of justice; of course.
2. Obama has decreed to America and the world, the terms: Radical Jihad, Radical Islamic Terrorist, Jihad, Muslim Extremist, Terrorist and War on Terror; no longer exist. The bad news though for America. The Radical Islamic Terrorists, who've declared Jihad and War on us. The same ones who attacked us on 9-11. When they killed 3000 innocent people, they take their marching orders from Allah and the Koran; not Obama.
3. Obama and Holder now call Terrorist attacks, "Man made Disasters." Only man made disaster I see, was Obama being elected.
4. Obama and Holder give Radical Islamic Terrorists attempting to blow up planes over Detroit, Miranda rights. They also get a lawyer, cup of coffee and no military questioning. Obama must believe, stale intelligence is better than fresh; for our military.
5. As a Muslim, Obama views Israel; as a Sworn-Enemy. He's acted accordingly. This needs no elaboration.
6. Obama is sending 600 million dollars of taxpayers money, to the terrorist group Hamas. They also hate Israel. Wonder if Obama knows, funding terrorist groups; is a Federal Felony?
7. While in Egypt in 2009, Obama told an Egyptian Cabinet member: "I am a Muslim. America is now, a Muslim Nation." Obama later prayed on that trip, at the Blue Mosque; in Turkey. Have you noticed, he's never attended; a Christmas service?
8. Obama condemned Israel, for defending herself; in the recent flotilla incident. Obama's longtime close friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn, were in Gaza; prior to the incident. They were helping to organize the flotilla, that tried to run; Israel's blockade. Think Obama knew, where Ayers and Dorhn were?
9. Obama's White House states: 9-11 attacks, are a "Local Issue." America, did you get the memo; stating 9-11 was no longer an attack on America? Were you even consulted about this change? Wonder how the folks at the Pentagon and Shanksville are gonna explain this? I guess America suffered 3 separate "Local Attacks," all at the same time; on the same day. Wow, wonder when the last time; something like that has ever happened? Has it ever happened before?
10. Obama sends Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf, to the Middle East; as a State Department Representative on the taxpayers dime. The Mission, show America's tolerance; to the Muslim world. Apparently, this Iman was the only person in America, out of 300 million Americans; qualified to make this trip. Hey Obama, what screening process was used to make that decision? Was anybody else allowed to apply? Is it just coincidence, this Iman supports Hamas, blames America for the 9-11 attacks; and oh yeah he's working with you and Bloomberg to build an "Islamic Victory Mosque" at Ground Zero?
11. Almost forgot, NASA's "Muslim Outreach Program." Obama, it's touching your being so concerned about the Muslim pysche. Now explain to America again, what NASA has to do with this?
12.On 8/13/2010, the holy month of Ramadan was celebrated at the White House. No NASA officials were invited. On the guest list though, were 100 or so; close personal friends of Obama. Many of them, supporters of Hamas. Who also have stated, America was responsible for the 9-11 attacks. Wonder if they got the memo, that the three attacks on 9-11, were all "Local Attacks;" unrelated to each other? Obama at this religiously driven Muslim celebration, announces to his guests; "I endorse the Ground Zero Mosque." Now is it just me, but do you think he should have told the families of the victims of the 9-11 attacks first? Then the rest of America second. I mean seriously, there is 300 million American's; and he tells 100 or so Muslims first. America, any doubts left; who this man is and where his priorities lie?

Obama eviscerated America's pledge, to the families; of the 9-11 attacks. His endorsement of a "Victory Mosque" at Ground Zero, is beyond unacceptable; it's Treason. The innocent souls lost on that Tuesday, deserve so much better than this. Obama's utter insensitivity to the 9-11 families, is arrogance, gall and terrorism.
Obama's decision to endorse the "Victory Mosque" {which for the record, is to open on September 11th 2011, yep you read it right;} is treason and totally wrong Period!!! The manner, conduct and setting chosen to reveal his position, is a disgusting disgrace to every past, present and future American. Obama wants America to believe, the Ground Zero Mosque; is about legal rights and religious tolerance. He's also told you, the attacks on 9-11; are a "Local Issue." Was Pearl Harbor, also a "Local Issue?"

The last time I checked, America is a Republic; where the people are represented by elected officials. The People own the Government, not the other way around. Obama and Bloomberg: are you two even remotely listening, to the families of 9-11? How bout the citizens of America and New York City?  Obama and Bloomberg hear this good. You're playing with nitroglycerin here. The only way this "Victory Mosque" goes up, is over my dead body; along with the dead bodies of millions of Americans. This is not a political, legal or religious tolerance issue. By 11am on that black Tuesday morning in 2001, there were no Republicans, Democrats or Independents. There was only American's. Coast to coast, we were all attacked on 9-11. We all lived it virtual time as it happened. We could smell the oil burning above New York. We all heard the roar, felt the ground shake; when the Towers collapsed. We all gasped in disbelief, when the Pentagon got hit. Flight 93, would've hit DC; if not for the resistance of the passengers. They knew America was under attack, and said "Lets Roll." Obama and Bloomberg, you ever break ground on this abomination; American's from every corner of this nation, will roll you right under.

America, do not be fooled. This Mosque is designed, to celebrate the submission; of America to Islam. Look at their history, they've done this throughout the centuries. Sarah Palin is right, why do they insist on putting it at Ground Zero? State land has been offered, as a site for it. The only answer, to demonstrate America's submission. Please join us on 9-11-2010, to protest loud and clear; this insult to Liberty and Freedom--Dave S


  1. Very clearly, this action by the Islams is a continuation of agression they perpretraited on 9/11. Otherwise, they would be doing all they could to show that they did nto agree with the radical act. To the contrary, they are marking the ground zero as a conquest, calling the Mosque project at Ground Zero "The Cordova Project". Here is a tweet on this and an link to a blogg that speaks to the truth. Google Cordova Project to varify:

    9/11 Mosque-' The Cordoba Initiative'~Muslims invaded Spain beheading all infidels (non-Muslim), captured Cordoba http://bit.ly/cxnnFO

  2. : Barry Soetoro.. You cancel national day of prayer, because tou say you do not want to offend anyone them you pray with your Muslim pals. And now this! AMERICANS will not allow it..

  3. The Great Mosque of Cordoba


    This blogg is by an American Muslim~

    The Cordoba Mosque in New York - “A Symbol of the Islamic Conquest of Christian Lands”


  4. I am saddened and outraged to learn that President Obama has expressed his support for building a mosque at Ground Zero. As someone who witnessed the 9/11 attacks first-hand, and lost close friends in those attacks, I am appalled that our leaders would allow, and in Obama's case, support the building of a victory mosque at Ground Zero. I have spoken out on this issue for months, and I will proudly continue to do so. Ilario Pantano http://www.pantanoforcongress.com/posts/pantano-outraged-by-obamas-support-of-ground-zero-mosque

  5. The American people made a promise as well and wrote it down and hung it high above the wreckage at ground zero...."WE WILL NEVER FORGET!"

  6. Think for a second...do you really think that all Muslims are terrorists? Do you REALLY think that? do people really think all christians are ku klux klan affiliated? No and I hope that shows you how ludicrous your argument is. That would mean that people should be offended if a church is built anywhere near ku klux klan areas, but I'm pretty sure there are many. Educate yourselves. This is America...people need to get used to the fact that this country isn't just White and Christian. And I think that's making all these opposers of a center that is envisioned to promote peace and understanding, what Islam really is if you do some research instead of just listening to the likes of Palin and such, a little uncomfortable. Do your homework before you talk. American Muslims were victims in the 9-11 attacks too. Peace.

  7. Quoting Stalin - America will not be conquered from outsiders, it will be conquered from within.

  8. Dear "Anonymous"

    Your argument is spurious. This is about a specific incident caused by specific people killing people of all beliefs, in the most tolerant city in the world.

    The men who attacked the WTC were all muslim. To have a mosque built at ground zero by the imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who said that "I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened. But the United States’ policies were an accessory to the crime that happened,” is obviously a slap in the face to all of those who were slaughtered that day through no fault of theirs.

    In a city that has approximately 80,000 muslims and over 90 mosques, I think we've shown more than tolerance to our muslim citizens. By the way, there are only 77 synagogues listed in NYC.

    So, for the 3,000 muslims, buddhists, hindus, jews, christians, and athiests who were burned alive that day, when Governor Paterson offers to find a better location than 2 blocks from the open sore that remains at ground zero, it was would seem a sensitive, tolerant religion such as islam and this sensitive, tolerant imam would be able to find a location a respectful distance away from the atrocity committed by the muslims on september 11, 2001.

  9. That was really a big tragedy in US history. This info may also be of your choice. Check here

  10. o.k. It's up to YOU New Yorkers (some of the toughest people I know), to NOT allow this. If it succeeds, someone needs to fly a plane into it. Also, if Americans are employed building this insult, they should make it faulty so it collapses!

  11. There should never be a mosque built so close
    to the World Trade Center. If a mosque is built;
    it will like stabbing a knife in the back of
    those who had loved ones die that horrible day
    of September 11. I will never forget you and
    always remember,

  12. It's not a mosque. It's not even of a religious purpose. It's not a "bridge." It's not a "community center." It's not a place where all can come for the purpose of sharing and understanding and letting the healing begin. It's nothing that its supporters claim it to be.

    What is it, then? It's a statement. It's a statement delivered as a threat. And it's not the first time this threat has been delivered to America. The same threat was delivered to us on 18 November 1956, by the shoe-banging Premier of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev. The threat: Мы вас похороним!

    Does this sound like a religious statement? I don't think so. So...when do we begin to take these animals seriously?

  13. What's up with the extraneous commas and semi-colons? Or should I say, What's up with the, extraneous commas; and semi-colons?

  14. The terrible grammar in this blog post makes it completely painful to try to muddle through. I admit I only made it halfway before pure frustration forced me to stop. It is very sad that in America we are only expected to know one language, and even that seems too much to ask.

  15. The original Mosque of Cordoba was built atop the ashes of a Christian church that a Muslim army had destroyed in the city of Andalusia around 711 A.D, as a way of marking the victory. Thus using the name Cordoba is not a coincidence and only makes this project’s intent even more questionable and its construction that much more objectionable

  16. Anonymous said...

    "Think for a second...do you really think that all Muslims are terrorists? Do you REALLY think that? do people really think all christians are ku klux klan affiliated? No and I hope that shows you how ludicrous your argument is. That would mean that people should be offended if a church is built anywhere near ku klux klan areas, but I'm pretty sure there are many. Educate yourselves. This is America...people need to get used to the fact that this country isn't just White and Christian. And I think that's making all these opposers of a center that is envisioned to promote peace and understanding, what Islam really is if you do some research instead of just listening to the likes of Palin and such, a little uncomfortable. Do your homework before you talk. American Muslims were victims in the 9-11 attacks too. Peace. "

    No, may sanity and peace find you. Muslims weren't "victims too" they died for it. And you have your "church-kkk" rant mixed up. They KKK SUPPORTS the church and are supremicists, racists. SO putting up a church next to KKK, which KKK actually meets IN churches. GET YOUR FACTS straight, you obviously know nothing about Christians and the KKK as your analogy makes no sense! God Bless your soul. In God we trust!

  17. If you don't support people using their 1st amendment rights when it's controversial, then you really don't support the 1st amendment at all.

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  19. why dont we build a church in Mecca?