Feminist Groups and Sharia Law, "Strange Bedmates Indeed."

I've always been curious, where do "New Words" come from? What inspires them? Whose their creator? I never thought I'd witness anything, which would motivate me to create a "New Word;" till now.

I woke up the other morning to discover Feminism and Sharia Law, intimately joined on a bed of nails; oh yuk!! This was not how I wanted to wake up. Then I got to thinking. Feminist groups unanimously state in their charters, "The advancement of the rights of women. Equality of the genders. Equal pay for equal work. Ending harassment and exploitation. The right of choice."

For myself aside from abortion upon demand, especially taxpayer funded; I agree with these principles. I would hope, leaving the abortion issue out of it; all American's would agree. During my lifetime, I've witnessed the first female Astronaut, Secretary of State, Vice-Presidential candidates and Elected officials at all levels. Not forgetting "CEO's", Business owners, Military leaders and Law Enforcement; the list is endless. These are good things, real good. Thus my utter shock, when I witnessed the union of Feminist groups and Sharia Law.

This mating defies all known definitions of "You're Kidding Right." Historically the leaders pushing for the rights of women when faced with threats to the movement, would never consider backing down, submission or surrender. The advancement of these rights and the cause, far outweighed any other concerns; or risks. The rights of voting, equality, ending exploitation and harassment; always trumped any resistance or danger. So there I was coffee in hand asking, what changed? What happened? Better yet, why did they voluntarily throw away everything they'd fought so hard for? Then a moment of creation occurred.

"Femaria"{new word} that's why. Pronounced: fem-ah-ria. Femaria is defined as; 1: Offspring from the union of Feminism and Sharia Law. 2: The voluntary forfeiture of all rights by women, in the name of "Political Correctness." 3: Willingness to be stoned, raped, abused, tortured and killed; in an effort to save Barack Obama's Presidency. 4: An act of betrayal, against all women worldwide. Being they alive, deceased or still to exist. 5: Delusional state where females believe, life in medieval times under Muslim rule; is "Priceless." 6: A suicidally insane attempt to prove, Sarah Palin; truly is the Anti-Christ.

I ask all of America's women. When did you decide, Femaria was in your best interest? How did you come to that conclusion? You do realize, you can forget about voting, choice and independence. In fact, best start looking into the latest Fall/Winter styles of Burqas. Time to totally change wardrobes. No worry though, your owner will provide you with proper attire. Cool huh, no more shopping. Cocktails with friends after work, forget about it; not gonna happen. Weekend clubbing, forget it; you'd be cruising for a beheading. The good news, no more worries about glass ceilings, you won't be working; period. You'll save money on birth control. The use of contraceptives, is now forbidden. Abortion and adultery, you can be stoned to death or beheaded; for either of those. Get caught in the company of another man, rape by your owner; is legally permissible. In fact, if he so chooses, he can legally kill you at any moment; from that point on.

Gotta ask all you ladies, exactly how are you explaining this change to your teenage daughters? How bout your daughters younger than that? Must be a tough conversation to have. I mean little Linda just turned 8, and you gotta explain to her; "Honey, meet your 57 year old husband. His name is Barack. You must do everything he tells you to." Then watch little Linda, hauled off to be part of Barack's harem; screaming and crying the whole way. How do you do it? Do your daily prayers to Allah and Muhammad, ease the pain? How ya sleeping at night? Ever lie awake wondering, if this Femaria thing; was really such a good idea?

I can understand the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Waters, Andrea Mitchell, Norah O'Donnell, Christiane Amanpour{who is an authentic Muslim}, Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric; selling their 1st born daughters to Imam's Rauf, Obama and Bloomberg. What I cannot understand is, Gloria Allred, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Sheryl Crow and other self-anointed leaders of women; what's in it for you? Is it your hatred of Christianity? Could it be, Imam Obama; is just too damn hot to turn down? 

I've been told by liberals, "Change, Taxes and Death; are life's only constants. Nothing else stays the same." Femaria, is a dreadful change for the worse. However, to those liberal philosophers, here's a few things; that due stay the same.
1. Liberty and Freedom, are gifts to man; from God.
2. Evil never sleeps.
3. Ground Zero is an area, not a precise crack in the sidewalk.
4. Imam Obama, is in fact; a Muslim. Nothing can change that.
5. Sharpton, Farrakhan and Wright are race baiting haters. They're some of the worse racists, America's ever seen or heard.
6. Daisy Khan and her Imam husband are mercilessly cruel and void of any compassion.
7. Mayor Bloomberg is a traitor to all who perished on 9-11. Their families, loved ones and friends.
8. Muhammad engaged daily in the following acts against men, women, children and animals. Torture, kidnapping, rape of both sexes, human or animal, and murder.
9. Sharia Law has tortured and killed more women than Hitler, Mao and Lenin combined.

America, it's Sharia Law vs. Liberty and Freedom. Time to choose, no time to loose. To the women of America who've sold out to Femaria, there's still time to change the road you're on. Look in a mirror, ask yourself; am I really in favor of Sharia Law? Do I want all my rights taken away from me? Am I ready to be subservient? What do I want for my daughters? Research what's going on in Europe and England, were next; unless we stop it now.

In closing, I wanna say thanks to America's Rose; Sarah Palin. Sarah you've become a beacon of light in the darkness of night, guiding this great ship of America; safely back to port. You've taken stands and spoke from the heart. The courage you've shown in doing this, no words can do it justice. You've challenged Obama at every turn, while Mitt "The Chicken" Romney; remains hidden and silent in his coastal mansion. Sarah, you've put this great nation first, ahead of the beauty and serenity of your Alaskan home. Wonder if you're aware of a phenomenon known as "WWSPD?" It stands for, "What Would Sarah Palin Do?" The answer keeps coming up, "Never Retreat, Reload and Fire." May God's Love and Grace be with you and your family always.

400,000 plus attended the "Restoring Honor" rally in DC. Lets get 600,000 to show up and protest on 9-11-2010 in NYC. Take a stand for the 9-11 families, and against Sharia Law. No Mosque Ever, at Ground Zero---Dave S.


  1. Today I learned a new word. "Femaria", and I really like it. You put everything into your post that I have been asking myself about Feminist so often, and you added a lot more.

    Every American women should read your post. Especially the feminist. I think the average working women that has any clue about what Sharia is all about wouldn't want any part of it. Yet as you put it, the feminist are willing to give it all up, all their beliefs and goals for what?

    Pehaps they have a feddish for wearing a burka. Who knows? But I'd like to put a Burka over many of those feminist you mentioned today.

    Thanks for the new word. Femaria. I would hope that after reading your post, most women would rather suffer from a case of Diahrea then submit to sharia.

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