OK State Rep. John Bennett Who Called Islam 'a Cancer' ➡ Now Says Islam is 'Not Even a Religion'

In a phone call with a Huffington Post reporter, Bennett reiterates his position that “Islam is a cancer that must be cut out of America.” Naturally, Hamas-linked CAIR spokesIslamist, Adam Soltani, whines in.

Go Get 'em Jodi ➡ Obama!

-- Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel
-- Senate Armed Forces Committee
--Centers for Disease Control
--President Obama
--Syrian rebels
--White House Picnic
--Michelle Obama

Pamela Geller on NBC News Discussing the New AFDI Anti-Jihad Ads ➡ Video

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Krauthammer ➡ Obama's Decision to Personally Approve Air Strikes Is 'Scary Stuff'

Special Report.

Krauthammer ➡ 'I Thought the President Could No Longer Surprise Me ➡ I Was Wrong' http://j.mp/1mGHXgW

Republican Strategist ➡ If You Want to talk War on Women ➡ Let's Talk about War on DNC Chairwoman ➡ Epic Battle

Ana Navarro talks about the "war on women" on ABC's This Week.

Ouch ➡ Woman Brutally Breaks Up With Obama And His War On Women!

We've all seen it before, whether in our own lives or someone else’s: A person meets someone incredibly charming. They quickly fall for them but soon realize that person’s actions don’t match their words. They promise to change, but after multiple chances, prove that they never will.

According to this video by Americans for Shared Prosperity (AFSP), that is exactly what happened with President Obama and many female voters.  More

Savannah Hoeffner ➡ Misunderstood

Take A Break & Check Out This Inspiring Young Singer ~> BB Introduces Savannah Hoeffner ~> Video http://j.mp/1riBmJx

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By the Thousands They Flee

By: Diane Sori
"I'm glad to get rid of these five people."
Harry Reid's response to the release of the GITMO 5 for one Bowe Bergdahl

Sadly and against intelligence orders, back in 2009, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released by Obama from Camp Bucca in Iraq. And now reported to be in Iraq is Mullah Mohammed Fazi...one of the GITMO 5 Obama 'exchanged' for the American traitor Bowe Bergdahl...and done so without Congressional approval I might add...and it's rumored the two are now working together to establish the islamic caliphate and to kill all who get in their way.

Picture Of The Day ➡ @SarahPalinUSA

It's still warm enough for outside reading! Sort of. I'm reading David Limbaugh's "Jesus on Trial" (seen above), and note both of his books shown in the picture are mysteriously absent from establishment's rankings. It's difficult for conservatives to have books appropriately and fairly ranked by the NYT’s best seller list and others, despite the obvious strong sales of their books.

David's book is excellent! I had no doubt there must have been something in the water well that nourished the brains and brawn of all the Limbaughs. (Yes, that Limbaugh family!) Ever wonder what it's like for Rush to live in his brother's shadow? ☺

Read the book, and feel those Doubting Thomas temptations evaporate as truth is confirmed.

Here's more:

You can buy Limbaugh's “Jesus on Trial” here: http://is.gd/sMXxxH

Read more here:

- Sarah Palin

@SarahPalinUSA ➡ Happy Birthday to the Great One, Mark Levin!

Happy Birthday to the Great One, Mark Levin! America's Constitutional guru and stalwart voice for grassroots patriots everywhere – Mark, we love you and thank you for all you do for LIBERTY!

- The Palins

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